Excel Macros – Getting Started (Beginners)

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This Excel macros for beginners guide intends to show you step by step how to begin working with Macros in Microsoft excel and is aimed at people who are brand new to working with macros in this program. It is similar in concept to an excel macro for dummies guide. We begin with enabling macros in our version of Excel and finish with a working example by the end of the steps. Please follow this through in order to learn more.

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Excel Macro course Step 1 – Enabling macros to run and the developer tab


excel macros for dummies


To begin working with Excel Macros you will first of all need to allow macros to run in Microsoft Excel and also enable the developer tab on the Excel ribbon. Please follow the written and video tutorials here to get started on this.

Excel Macro course Step 2 – Inserting Excel command buttons/macro buttons into your spreadsheet

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Once you have done that you will want to insert an Excel Macro button. This is the button where you macro/VBA code will be executed from. To understand how to do these please follow the written and video tutorials here to get started on this.

Excel Macro course Step 3 –Excel Macros Explained – Modifying VBA and macro code to suit your own needs

excel macros for dummies

You will most likely be copy and pasting macro and VBA code from other sources such as the web, and also code found on this website into your own macro command buttons. However to tweak these pieces of code so that they work for your specific needs in your projects, you will have to alter the target locations so the macros know where to perform their specific actions. Please follow this written guide to understand more about how to do this.

Excel Macro course Step 4 – Excel Macros Explained – Creating your first working macro

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To create your first working macro I would suggest that you follow the following video and written tutorials so that you gain a little bit of experience in doing this for yourself. Its simple and handy. It might not be useful for you, but just do it and you will probably learn a lot from this experience.

Congratulations – You should now have run your first macro


Please visit any of the following links where you can build upon your previously created macro with differing pieces of code.



Adding formulas to cells with macros

Merging cells with macros

Data validation combined with macros

Saving your workbook with macros


We hope that this has been a useful Excel macros for beginners guide. If you have any suggestions or requests please either comment here or on the YouTube channel. You can also contact us on twitter or via email.

The concludes our Excel Macro Online course.

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