Remove Duplicates in Excel tutorial

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Remove Duplicates in Excel


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In this tutorial we will outline how you can delete duplicates in Excel. When you remove duplicates in Excel you can form a list of Excel unique values to that column. This can be useful for a whole host of reasons depending on your application. Using Excel to remove duplicate values is actually very easy. We have a working example that we are going to use below.



Excel – Delete Duplicates

In our image below you can see that we have a list of values that we have named “Attribute”, and you can see that there are repetitions in this list within Excel.

excel remove duplicates

If we wanted to remove any duplicates within this list so we could only see our Excel unique values, we need to do the following steps. To start you need to highlight the range of cells you would want to remove duplicates from. This may be a custom selection you define, or can also be an entire column if you wish. In the example below we have selected a custom range by highlighting our desired cells we wish Excel to remove duplicates from.

excel unique values

You will then need to navigate to the data tab in the ribbon at the top of Excel as shown in the image below. This is where the Remove Duplicate button is located.

Press the “Remove Duplicate” button, This will give  you a dialogue box where you can state weather you want to continue by pressing ok, defining weather you use headers or not. If you have selected your custom range simply press OK. Once this is done a progress box will appear which will appear as so.

remove duplicate excel

This will then remove the duplicate values from your list and leave you with your Excel unique values.

This completes the Excel Remove duplicates tutorial.

Excel delete duplicates video tutorial


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