Adding a message box to Excel Macros

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Adding a message box to Excel Macros

For a guide to how to edit macros for your own purposes, please click here.

In this video we outline how to add a Message box to macros in Microsoft excel. This is useful for outlining what a macro will execute before this occurs if posted before your macro code, or providing a message to let a user know a macro has run successfully if the message is posted after the macro code has run.


The code we used in this video is as follows.

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()

MsgBox (“This Macro will insert a new row”)

ActiveCell.EntireRow.Insert shift:=xlDown

Selection.Borders.Weight = xlThin

End Sub

If you would like to download a copy of the workbook please visit the link below.

Macro Message Box

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  1. Ryan Cannon

    I would like to insert data or words in my new row using a pop up box.

    • twoperscent

      Hi Ryan,

      The following video addresses how you can do this.


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